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Criminal Case Consultants provides trial consulting & forensic expert services in the Haldwani.

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criminal  case   consultancy

Our firm provides forensic expert analysis and opinion on coercive police interrogation techniques and coercive witness & victim interviews. Adv. yogesh bhola , a court qualified coercive interrogation & interview techniques expert, has over 15 years of previous law enforcement experience which includes major case investigation and specialized training, as well as a term serving as Chief of Police. Mr bhola is regularly retained to examine, analyze the contents of written, video and audio witness / victim interviews, suspect interviews and interrogations (audio, video and written transcripts) that were conducted by law enforcement as well as the examination of interviews and investigative notes by child protection service agencies in Haldwani.

document required for Proprietorship Registration

identity proof of Proprietor

  • PAN for indian nationals, notarised passport copy for foriegn nationals

address proof of Proprietor

  • passport, driving licence, aadhar card, bank statement, the document must be valid, recent and less than 2 month old.

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