diwani ( civil court ) consultancy

Diwani court decides civil cases. Diwani court determines rights of the parties and gives compensation

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Diwani  ( Civil Court )  Consultancy

In a civil suit, one party (the plaintiff) who feels they were harmed brings a complaint against another party (the defendant). Sometimes the government is one of the parties. Reasonable doubt is not required. A "preponderance of evidence" is enough in most cases. The plaintiff can either ask for monetary relief, or equitable relief Monetary relief is when the plaintiff asks for a cash award to remedy the situation. Equitable relief is when the plaintiff asks for the court to order the other party to do or not to do something.

document required for Proprietorship Registration

identity proof of Proprietor

  • PAN for indian nationals, notarised passport copy for foriegn nationals

address proof of Proprietor

  • passport, driving licence, aadhar card, bank statement, the document must be valid, recent and less than 2 month old.

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